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USDA Community Facilities Financing and Charter Schools





The type and amount of assistance will depend on eligibility factors, as well as where your school is in the process timeline.


PRE-APPLICATION STAGE: schools that have not begun the actual application, but are close to starting it within the next year. 

  1. Building connections with local and state USDA CF team.

  2. Developing a facilities roadmap, including opportunities to strengthen a schools financing potential and ability to put its best foot forward. 

  3. Identifying the range of resources for facilities development and financing.

  4. Helping overcome various roadblocks that may arise in the pre-application stage.


APPLICATION STAGE: schools that are somewhere in the application stage, even if it's just beginning the application. 

  1. Assessment of specific areas that will impact the financial feasibility report and overall application, including recommendations.

  2. Help prepare financial feasibility reports based on a template developed over the past few years in partnership with schools, finance professionals, and USDA office personnel. This template will help schools and others involved keep the process as streamlined and as cost-effective as possible.

  3. Help schools network with various finance professionals and others experienced in the CF process to be a guide through the process. 

PLANNING STAGE: schools that are further out from beginning the financing process, and need assistance with capacity and facilities strategic planning (as this program requires more time and attention, fewer schools are eligible for this assistance). 

  1. Months 1-2: introduction to strategic planning, information gathering, identifying learning objectives. 

  2. Months 3-5: developing and refining strategic plan and facilities roadmap, identifying areas and strategies to develop capacity.

  3. Months 6-12: implementing solutions to develop capacity and continuing to refine strategic plan and roadmap in an iterative process. 

  4. Ongoing: network and collaboration with other participating schools and the Schoolhouse Network team and consultants. 

GRANT & PROGRAM NOTICE: for schools interested in staying on top of grants and other program opportunities available through USDA.

  1. We do an eligibility check for interested schools.

  2. We will provide regular updates of upcoming opportunities.

Contact Brooke Quisenberry if you are interested in participating in one of the TA Programs.

View the USDA Financing of Rural Charter Schools Report to learn more about

the USDA financing of rural charter schools.

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