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Why Rural Charter School Facilities?


Rural schools serve approximately 11 million students (or one quarter of all students in US public schools) and often find it difficult to build networks to support their work, share best practices and successes, and to just lend a friendly ear.


Facilities challenges are often especially difficult for teachers, staff and faculty working in charter schools serving rural communities, as the facilities challenges are compounded by the fact that they are rural and charter. These schools often find themselves outside of the systems of support available to their peers within traditional districts.


Our work at the Schoolhouse Network is designed to bridge these distances through a forum for communications and networking about, to, and among rural charter schools, as well as by offering a vehicle for active collaboration among participants committed to strengthening information accessible to rural charter schools.

Mission and Vision

  • Create a national community of practice and communications platform to connect rural charter schools, finance professionals, and rural charter school supporters. 

  • Provide resources and tools to rural charter schools. 

  • Focus on providing solutions to some of the top challenges rural charter schools face. 

Current Focus

Schoolhouse Support Program: Providing information, expertise, and technical assistance services for USDA Community Facilities Financing.

Goals of Schoolhouse Support Program


Provide information and resources to rural charters so that they become stronger USDA financing applicants and borrowers.


Connect rural charters to a network of experts, peers,

and advocates to help them through the USDA Community Facilities process.


Strengthen engagement in the community development process, including those who are prospective borrowers to the USDA funding programs.​​

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